Happy fall everyone... Since the spring One of a Kind show, I have been in full on Christmas mode... working on ornaments, snarky Christmas blocks and replenishing the framed work after selling quite a few at the spring show.

ONE OF A KIND SHOW - Christmas
The Christmas show is November 24 - December 4 at the Direct Energy Centre Exhibition Place - Booth #X9 OOAK Artisan Profile

CONTEST for a pair of tickets to the Christmas show, be the first person to email me and say "Happy Halloween" and a pair of tickets are yours.

Cocktails replace the alphabet in this ouija board. I suggest using a shot glass as a planchette - let the spirits guide you to which drink you should have and how many! These trays are all over my studio nearing completion... the medium ones are $35 and large, $45. I set aside the small ones for Etsy and they are $24.


2016 Framed Pieces
I have added new work done since the spring that includes a number of types of bats, a variety of moths, some bugs with translucent wings and a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

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